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about me


Hi there-- thanks for stopping by! I'm Kristina, owner and head chef of Viola's Pantry. After nearly a decade of working behind a computer doing marketing, consulting, and development for hospitality projects, I went back to culinary school to pursue my dream of sharing cherished family recipes and traditions with more of the world!

Viola's, named after my grandmother, wants to make sure you're eating well with your family, no matter what the occasion.


No groceries, no time, special occasion, or COVID-19 be damned! Our family believes there is never a good reason not to eat a delicious, nurturing meal-- and turn it into a special occasion with your family (however you define it!)

Photograph by Jenelle Robinson

My cooking and expertise lies in Italian cooking, however my years living in Jordan, Oman, California, and Texas have all influenced my style.

You can always expect something that tastes *almost* just like nonna used to make it, with a fresh spin.

I currently live in Wichita, KS with my wonderful husband Tony, and our dog Pesca and cat Penne.

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